Math Visual Solver (ViziSolve)

What is It?

ViziSolve solves math problems. It does this by going one step at a time, highlighting each part as it is being used for the next line, and stating what it is doing at each step. Right now, ViziSolve can solve most common algebra I level problems (not including graphing or word problems), and it may make a mistake once in a while. It runs on the web and is Open Source.

If you want to see what the test program looks like, press the button or the hyperlink below. Try entering an equation like (x-3)(x+4) = (x+1)(x-2) in the field labeled "Enter Calculation Here", and select the menu option "Execute/Solve"

Launch the application

Running ViziSolve

The ViziSolve application should run on just about any system (including Linux, Windows, and Mac), but it does require that Java is installed. If you can not run the application, try going to to download the latest Java Runtime Engine.

Other Math Apps

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Developer Information

These applications are open source projects licensed under the GNU GPL. More information about it can be found on the Developer Information Page.

About The Author

If you want some information about the guy who wrote these programs, go here.

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